The Ancient Indian Sciences – Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda – Sweeping the World

The power and magic of the ancient Indian sciences have been recognized by people worldwide. The healing power of Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda are abundant. They work on all three levels –the mind, body and soul and promote holistic living. We take pride in the fact that these practices have their roots in our country and are now being followed by people across the globe. The growing number of meditation wellness retreats and Ayurveda centers such as the Roots of Wellness Ayurveda and Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Centre are a proof of the growing fondness for these ancient Indian sciences among people from different cultures.

Several new ways to heal the mind and body have been evolved over the centuries. The ever advancing science and technology has come up with advanced treatments for various illnesses but none can beat the positive impact that the ancient Indian sciences have on our health. This piece of writing is a small effort to acquaint you with the healing power of Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation that can work wonders for you – the reason why people world over are going bonkers for these practices.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the ancient Hindu system of medicine that finds mention in the Vedas (the holy books of Hindus). Ayurvedic medicines are known for their amazing healing qualities. Ayurvedic treatments concentrate on strengthening the body so that it can fight against the illnesses and heal itself. They bring the body back in balance and also provide clarity of mind which is extremely important for healing and staying healthy. These medicines can also be taken regularly to boost ones immunity and keep various diseases at bay.

Ayurvedic herbs

Ayurveda believes that it is the mind that originates all the diseases. This implies that it is our negative thinking that causes all the physical and mental ailments. So, we need to keep our mind calm and stress free in order to lead a healthy life and Ayurveda helps achieve this.

Ayurveda is not just the science of medicine it is a way of life. Those who inculcate it in their lives enjoy good health and well being. This ancient Vedic science suggests that one needs to live in harmony with the nature. It offers medicines made of herbs and other natural ingredients for both external application and internal intake. These are extremely effective and yet do not cause any negative side effects.

Ayurvedic herbs such as Triphala, Brahmi, Manjistha, Ashwagandha, Trikutu and Guduchi can be had regularly to keep your mind and body fit. They help build resistance from various diseases and have a calming effect on the brain.
We are lucky to have been born in a country where this practice originated and is still being practiced widely. You can easily locate Ayurvedic centres where you can consult the Ayurvedic doctors for treatment of various illnesses. Several Ayurveda centres are also being set up in various other parts of the world too. Roots of wellness Ayurveda is one such Ayurvedic centre which is being appreciated by people.

What are the Benefits of Yoga and Meditation?


Having learned about the numerous benefits of Ayurveda, it is time now to learn about Yoga and meditation and the amazing benefits they offer.

The benefits of meditation and Yoga have been stressed upon innumerable times but many of us still underestimate their power and haven’t tried these yet. On the other hand, those who have inculcated these ancient practices in their routine have had life changing experiences. Both Ayurveda Yoga and meditation are practiced to calm the mind, soothe the soul and maintain a healthy body. Let us have a brief look at their benefits one by one.

Ayurveda Yoga

There are a number of Ayurveda Yoga poses that one can practice. These help in curing/ preventing various mental as well as physical illnesses including:

• Hypertension
• Digestion Problem
• Back Ache
• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Heart Problem
• Migraine
• Low/ High Blood Pressure
• Cell Deterioration
• Diabetes
• Depression
• Stress and Anxiety

However, those suffering from any of these illnesses must consult a professional Yoga instructor to understand the particular Yoga poses that are meant to treat these problems. There may be certain Yoga poses that may aggravate these problems. For instance, Yoga poses that include forward bending may worsen back ache. Thus, not every Yoga pose should be practiced by everyone.

Practicing Ayurveda Yoga also enhances immunity, helps in building confidence and positive attitude, boosts concentration power, increases energy levels and improves social skills.

Health and Wellness Meditation

Meditation is also known for its impeccable healing qualities. Meditation mainly calms your mind. As Ayurveda believes that mind is the root cause of all the illnesses, it strongly recommends meditation not just for keeping your mind balanced but also for staying physically fit. Practicing meditation regularly offers the following benefits:

• Boosts immunity
• Increases the acceptance power
• Slows Aging
• Improves self awareness
• Boosts concentration power
• Builds confidence and self esteem
• Helps fight depression
• Reduces stress
• Sharpens Brain

Health and Wellness Meditation and Yoga Retreats


While it all originated in ancient India, the positive impacts of meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda are so abundant that they never lost their foothold. They are still practiced with the same vigour. Even as the new age medicines and treatments have dominated the healthcare arena one cannot undermine the effectiveness of these ancient Vedic sciences. In fact, there is a growing shift to these practices not just in India but worldwide. The benefits of these practices are being recognized gradually.

The enthusiasm with which the International Yoga Day is celebrated each year shows how Ayurveda Yoga has swept people off their feet. Several small and large scale events are organized on this day in various parts of the world and people from different origins participate whole heartedly in the same.

Numerous meditation wellness retreats and Ayurveda centres have been established in various parts of the world as the number of people showing interest in these practices has grown vastly. People who enrol at these centres just cannot stop bragging about the positive changes these practices have brought in their lives. Spending few days or even hours at Yoga and meditation wellness retreats can rejuvenate your senses. Inculcating these practices in your daily routine can change your life the better. Likewise, opting for Ayurvedic treatments and healing procedures can help lead a healthier life compared to the strong allopathic medicines and treatments.

These ancient Indian sciences are indeed a treat to the mind, body and soul. No wonder, these health and wellness practices are sweeping the world. If you have been overlooking the power of these practices, it is time to practice these and lead a holistic life!

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Night Skin Care Routine to do Wonders to Your Skin

Taking a salon appointment every month to get facials and clean ups done and putting on the right make up before heading out aren’t the only things that can ensure that gorgeous look. There is a lot more that goes into getting that beautiful, flawless look and a good night time skin care routine is one of them. Here is the night skin care routine you should follow to do wonders to your skin.


It is common knowledge that you should remove your makeup before going to the bed every night. But how many of you actually do it? If you are one of those who takes this advice too lightly and heads straight to bed after a long tiring day then it is time you stop doing this as you do not know the amount of damage this one wrong habit is doing to your skin.

  • Begin by dabbing some cleansing milk on a cotton ball and clean your face with it. This is the first step towards getting a soft and supple skin. Alternatively, you can apply the cleansing milk on your face and neck and then use a cotton ball to wipe it.


  • Now wash your face with lukewarm water and pat dry to get rid of any left-over makeup or dirt particles.
  • It is a good idea to exfoliate your skin using a mild scrub after this however this must not be done more than 2-3 times a week.
  • Next, you should pick a toner suitable to your skin type and apply it on your face and neck with a cotton ball. This is especially recommended for those with oily, acne-prone skin.


  • Washing can take away essential oils from your skin. It is thus important to moisturize it thereafter to replenish the loss. Those of you who have an oily skin must use a water based moisturizer and those with dry skin should go for one with fortifying hydrators.
  • Lastly, it is suggested to sleep on your back and not push your face into the pillow as it can cause wrinkles. Also do not forget to take a good night’s sleep to get that radiant looking skin.

So you see the steps to be followed are simple. All you need to do is to squeeze in 10 minutes of your time before going to bed and use the right products. Follow this night skin care regime diligently for a few days and see the difference it makes to your overall look.

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How to Pick Foundation for Dry Skin

As cautious as you are about matching your skin tone with the foundation you pick you must be equally careful about choosing one that is apt for your skin type. A foundation chosen wrongly can ruin the entire look. However, with the amount of options available in the market it can be quite difficult to choose one that is just perfect for your skin. To make things easier for you we bring to you an exclusive guide on how to pick foundation for dry skin.


  • Don’t pick a piece just by reading the ‘for dry skin’ label. Go ahead and read the ingredients. A foundation which is hydrating, moisturising and enriched with vitamin E is the one for you. A light coverage hydrating foundation with moisturizing sensation will smoothly cover the flaky and dry patches on your face.


  • Do not make the mistake of buying a foundation with matte finish as it will make your skin look all the more flaky.
  • You must also make sure you do not go for a non-oily or water-based foundation as it is likely to dry your skin further or even if it doesn’t it will definitely fail to give that fresh and hydrated look to your skin.

Teen girl with problem skin look at pimple with magnifying glass

  • Some of you may have acne problem even though you have a dry skin. In such a case, it is suggested to apply the cream you usually use to hydrate your skin and then apply a water-based foundation or you can simply use a cream based, medium oily foundation.
  • For that perfect look, you must first wash your face with a hydrating face wash. Then use a hydrating moisturizer to get rid of the dryness. A primer needs to be applied next to keep the make-up intact. It is time then to apply a layer of foundation on your face and neck. Use your fingers to blend it evenly into your skin.

So the next time you go hunting for foundation you will know what exactly to look for. Also follow the step by step instructions given to apply this beauty product so as to get that dazzling look you had always yearned for. 

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Thyroid Patients: Know What to Eat and What to Avoid

Thyroid, a common problem these days, has an adverse effect on the metabolism. People suffering from this problem either complain of excessive weight gain or undue weight loss. Besides the weight issue, thyroid patients also have a high risk of developing other health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. It is thus important for these patients to follow a healthy lifestyle and be very particular about their diet. The dietary guidelines shared here would help the thyroid patients maintain weight and keep further health issues at bay.

What to Have?


  • Antioxidants

Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants must be included in your diet in order to benefit the thyroid gland and prevent illnesses caused due to it. Blueberries, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, avocados, beans, asparagus and beetroot are among some of the fruits and vegetables that contain high amount of antioxidants.

  • Vitamins

The deficiency of vitamin D can also cause or aggravate this problem. It is thus essential to have adequate amount of this vitamin. Besides sunlight, egg yolk, fatty fish such as salmon and tuna, cereals, milk and mushroom are a rich source of vitamin D. Those suffering from thyroid must also consume food items that are high in vitamin B 12 such as fortified cereals, sardines, fish, eggs, soy milk and poultry.

  • Iodine

Lack of iodine in the body may lead to certain forms of hypothyroidism. Iodine-rich foods are recommended in such cases. However, it should be had in moderate quantity as excessive intake of iodine may restrict thyroid gland activity and worsen the condition.

  • Selenium

Small amount of Selenium is required for the enzymes that help the thyroid hormones work appropriately. Brazil nuts, tuna and wheat germs that are rich in selenium can benefit thyroid patients.

  • Amino Acid

The thyroid gland uses amino acid such as Tyrosine to generate T3 and T4. Whole grains, beans, eggs, fish and dairy are a rich source of Tyrosine.

Besides it is also important to have adequate amount of water.

What to Avoid?


  • High Fiber

While high fiber vegetables such as broccoli, spinach and cabbage can benefit thyroid patients, having too much of these may slow down the absorption of thyroid medicines. It is thus recommended to avoid regular intake of these vegetables.

  • Soy

It is important to watch out on the consumption of soy-rich foods. This is because studies reveal that those who consume soy supplements stand a higher chance of developing hypothyroidism.

  • Calcium and Iron

Intake of iron and calcium supplements lowers the effectiveness of thyroid medicines. Those undergoing thyroid medication should thus keep a check on iron and calcium intake.

Follow these tips for few weeks and do share how they helped!

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Dietary Regulations for Work-Out Freaks

People who exercise tend to feel hungrier as compared to those who aren’t involved in strenuous physical activities. However, this does not mean you can hog on just anything and everything to replenish your lost energy. It is essential to support your exercise regime with a nutritious diet in order to maintain your health. You must know what to eat, how much to eat and how to time your meals in order to stay fit. Here is a complete guide on the dietary regulations for people who exercise.


What to Eat?

In order to boost your energy it is essential for you to have food items rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Bread, potatoes, cereals, whole grains and rice are among some of the foods rich in carbohydrates. On the other hand eggs, fish, pulses, oats and dairy products are a good source of proteins. Include these in your daily diet, especially your breakfast, to fuel your muscles and stay energised even as you follow a tough exercise regime.

However, this is not to say that you do not require other micronutrients. Your body requires all the essential micronutrients for proper growth and nourishment. You must thus have a balanced diet full of various micronutrients in order to stay healthy. Also make sure that you have a lot of water to stay hydrated during the day.

Avoid oily and fried foods, sugary items and aerated and flavoured drinks as these tend to make you lethargic and impact your exercise performance negatively.

When to Eat?

Now, merely knowing what to eat wouldn’t help if you do not know when to eat. Having 3-5 small meals during the day is comparatively much better than having 3 large meals per day. Rather than catching a pack of chips or cookies, you can snack on dried fruits such as raisins and almonds in between these small meals if you feel your energy levels are dropping.

It is suggested to have a carbohydrate and protein rich diet within half an hour of exercising in order to replenish the lost energy. Failure to do so may cause a dip in your blood sugar level which may leave you feeling sluggish.

Do not exercise for at least 3-4 hours after having a large meal. Small meals can be had 2-3 hours before exercising while you can exercise just about an hour after munching on some light snack.

So now you know why you are not being able to shed those extra calories even after sweating it out at the gym. Eat right as you exercise and see how you get back to shape!

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Voice-over Services

Voice-over services are used to add value to your content and make it more understandable to the audience. There are basically four types of voice-over techniques that are used to match different kinds of content. These are the character device technique, commercial device technique, creative device technique and descriptive or educational device technique.

voice over

Through these techniques an additional voice is added to a film, news report, documentary or theatre performance to connect with the audiences and make the performance more interesting. Using voice-over for commercials has been popular since years and it certainly is a great way to grab the viewers’ attention. These days it is also used in presentations and educational content in order to ensure that the people viewing the same are able to grasp the content more easily.

A voice over artist is usually given a script that he is required to read. His voice is mostly pre-recorded and integrated into the content. A person needs to seek rigorous training before taking up this profession. He must not only have a good voice but also learn the art of voice modulation in order to put across the message properly. Even a skilled voice-over artist may not be able to deliver different types of voice-over services with equal efficiency. They usually seek specialisation in a particular type of technique. There are a number of institutes that provide voice-over training to help you pursue a successful career in this field. They also help you figure out as to which technique would suit your voice best.

These days there are several agencies that provide voice-over services. However, as you explore the options you will find that most of these are overpriced and when it comes to quality it is often unsatisfactory. So do not go for just any service provider. Do a thorough research to compare the rates, view their work and take reviews from their earlier clients before you finalise one.

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Dubbing Service

Dubbing services have come a long way since their inception. The service was initially rendered during plays and musicals when the artists on stage could not sing well on their own. These days dubbing helps in boosting the business of the entertainment industry to a large extent. These services also help in promoting various other businesses as several commercials are dubbed in different languages to reach out to the prospective customers globally. The technique has thus become the need for the hour for the business owners.


Audio visual material originally created in one language is converted to multiple languages using this service. Sounds Simple? No it ain’t as simple as you think! The task involves a team of skilled artists and technicians who work together diligently to come up with the final piece of work.

Bollywood actors have worldwide fan following and their movies are awaited by audiences across the globe. These films are thus dubbed in different foreign languages and released in various parts of the world. On the other hand, several foreign films are dubbed in Hindi each year and made available for the Indian audiences. Tamil and Telugu are the other two Indian languages in which the foreign films are mostly dubbed. Many foreign television shows dubbed in Hindi have also gained immense popularity in our country. Besides these, educational content is also dubbed in different regional languages to make it more understandable for the native students.

A number of companies provide dubbing services these days. You will find numerous options to choose from and may find it difficult to select one. However, not all the service providers would be able to meet your expectations. It is thus imperative to do a proper research and go for a firm that can understand your requirement properly and deliver the work efficiently enough. Also see to it that the dubbing service provider shortlisted by you has a knack in the language you want your content to be dubbed in!

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